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      Focus on the new pattern, the parts ...

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      At the "2018 China Auto Parts Industry Annual Meeting and Summit Forum" held recently, the leaders from the national ministries and commissions in the field of automobile supervision, the government and enterprises at all levels in Shaanxi Province, and the backbone enterprises and industries of major domestic auto parts and components Representatives from relevant organizations attended the meeting. During the meeting, some typical companies accepted interviews from the media and elaborated their views on the high-quality development of the automotive industry. To this end, we will arrange the topic of the "Parts Industry Annual Meeting" in this issue, and share the speeches of relevant enterprise expert representatives.
      BAIC New Energy: Subsidy subsidies will help good money to expel bad money
      China Industrial News: Since the beginning of this year, the newly subsidized new energy vehicle subsidy policy has been implemented, so what is the actual impact of subsidizing the new policy on BAIC New Energy?
      Zhang Kai, Assistant General Manager and Head of Purchasing Department of BAIC New Energy Vehicle: For BAIC New Energy, the impact of subsidies is mainly reflected in the promotion and acceleration of technological upgrading of enterprises. Specific to the sales level, most of the models sold by BAIC New Energy meet the performance requirements of the new recommended catalogue and will be sold continuously in the future. Overall, after the upgrade of technology and mileage, the new catalog has little effect on the product layout and sales rhythm of BAIC New Energy. The subsidy will help the new energy industry to achieve good money to expel bad money, from short-term stimulus to long-term incentives, such as the double-point system with subsidies. The “double-point” system is a mechanism for parallel management of “enterprise average fuel consumption points” and “new energy vehicle points” that are officially assessed in 2019. In the long run, it can reduce the national financial burden and force enterprises to strengthen independent research and development. Speed ??up the pace of transformation and create new energy vehicles that truly benefit consumers, and finally gain a comparative advantage over traditional fuel vehicles. In 2014, BAIC New Energy has considered subsidies for the retreat and exit, and has made corresponding preparations. It mainly introduces pure electric vehicles with higher cruising range and higher battery energy density through technological innovation and investment in new product research and development.
      Continue to optimize the product matrix, such as the launch of the EU5 with a cruising range of more than 500 kilometers, the battery energy density of 151Wh/kg, the lower energy consumption in 2018, the EC3 listed in the Chengdu Auto Show, and the SUVs such as the EX3 and EX5 that will be launched later. .
      China Industry News: In the past two years, Beiqi New Energy will switch from the taxi field to the private market. What are the current promotion situations and what problems have they encountered? How is BAIC New Energy solved?
      Zhang Kai: The car power value separation model is currently being promoted and operated in Beijing. At present, Beiqi New Energy has completed 100 power station replacement projects in Beijing. There are currently 34 power stations for open operation. It is expected to open a total of 58 at the end of the year, and the average service radius of the city will reach 2.78km. The 100 converted power stations will be opened before the first half of 2019. In the future, in accordance with the progress of the station construction, we will also promote the separation of business models of vehicle and electricity value for the national market. Compared with Beiqi New Energy, which has gained great advantages in technology accumulation and operation experience, other companies still have some shortcomings, including lack of experience in vehicle building, lack of technical accumulation in the industry, dispersal of power station layout, and high price of electricity exchange. The consumer experience is poor, and as a pioneer in the industry, Beiqi New Energy's power-changing model has the advantages of automation, high efficiency, safety and reliability, strong compatibility, and perfect business model, achieving comprehensive model innovation and leading the market for power exchange.
      China Industry News: BAIC New Energy is one of the domestic car companies that have laid out earlier travel areas. What is the current operation situation in the field of travel?
      Zhang Kai: In the field of car sharing, BAIC New Energy launched the “light travel” platform. By the end of 2017, the light travel has covered 12 cities across the country, including Beijing, Sanya, Weifang, Taizhou, Zhangzhou, Guangzhou, Chongqing. Chengdu, Qingdao, Xi'an, Lanzhou and Tianjin; the number of light-operated vehicles has reached 10,000, and more than 120,000 registered members. With the “light travel” platform, we can build a shared aircraft carrier and realize the breakthrough from single-person to multi-person. At present, the travel industry faces a series of problems such as the lag of laws and regulations, the monopoly of giants, and lax supervision. However, we believe that these issues will be properly resolved in the future as the industry develops and policies and regulations follow up.

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