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      Expanding overseas find new growth points

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          In 2017, China's automobile exports reached 1.06 million units, a year-on-year increase of 31%. In China, independent brands only increased by 2%. After the self-owned brand resumed a positive growth of 10% in 2016, it once again achieved a significant increase in export volume. Among them, Chery, Jianghuai, Great Wall, Chang'an and Lifan are among the top five exporters of self-owned brand passenger cars in China in 2017.
          It is an undeniable fact to transfer domestic fierce competition. Although different independent brand car companies have different starting points for overseas markets. Among them, there are many companies that are hindered by the domestic market and are actively looking for overseas markets to make breakthroughs in sales.
          China is the most competitive market in the world. Both the sedan market and the SUV market are in the state of the Red Sea. The major sales countries of their own brands are often the regions where the auto market is not prosperous. It is not difficult to see that most Chinese self-owned brand car manufacturers export low-end products, which are all cheap brands and can only cope with the lowest level of car use.
          Opportunities and challenges coexist
          In fact, the downturn in the domestic market has made independent brands keen on overseas markets, but if the domestic market is not ready, the overseas market will also become a castle in the air, which may collapse at any time.
          Whether it is a car power such as Japan, Germany, South Korea or France, the market share of their local brands has remained above 50%, while in China, the share of independent brands has been declining, and in August it has fallen. 38% of the red line.
          The development of self-owned brand car companies is not because of the downturn in the domestic market, but also needs to sell to overseas markets. Our self-owned brand car companies have maintained a growth rate far exceeding the growth rate of the industry even in the downturn of the domestic market in 2018. It can be said that compared with the overseas market, although the competitive pressure in the domestic market is too large, there are huge opportunities under the base of annual sales of about 30 million units.
          The current problem of self-owned brands is not the question of whether to go out, but the problem of their own product competitiveness. The share of self-owned brands in 2016 and 2017 has remained above 45%, but the reason behind it is that of the SUV market. Red fire. It is also a serious reality to be able to hold on to the outsiders who continue to force SUV products.
          From the perspective of the environment of the entire automobile market, there are many reasons for independent brands to force overseas markets. One is to choose overseas development to transfer competitive pressure, and the other is to strive for a win-win situation between domestic and foreign markets. Channel and product strength.
          From the macro perspective, it is a true portrayal of the Chinese people going out to develop and grow. It is also a step for Chinese cars to increase their national competitiveness. From the micro-view, it is the need of the development of auto companies, and the market share of domestic independent brands. Affected by joint venture brands, independent brands are in urgent need of finding new market growth points. With the gradual transformation and upgrading of Chinese car companies in terms of technology and products, they are gradually narrowing the gap with international giants. In the future, the situation of competing with international giants on the world stage is also worth looking forward to.

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